QAHWA | Honduras, Marcala, Washed
QAHWA | Honduras, Marcala, Washed
QAHWA | Honduras, Marcala, Washed

QAHWA | Honduras, Marcala, Washed

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Producers: COMSA 

Taste Notes: Cacao, Red Apple, Chicory


Qahwa is traditional Arabic coffee.

Historically, the quality of Qahwa was fully dependent on the available coffee supply. However, today when speciality coffee is striving the coffee industry and setting a new mark in quality, Qahwa is back in a new level of quality. At Rocket Bean Roastery we’ve created Arabic coffee from tasteful organically grown specialty grade coffee beans in order to celebrate a new era of traditional coffee ritual, just better. 



The cherries come from 700 producers and, after collection at the mill, are weighted, de-pulped, and washed. Every lot produced is cupped and scored at the lab. CEIBA is an exclusive blend of higher-scoring coffees. The pulp and skin of the coffees are used to produce organic compost. This coffee is Organic certified as part of Cafe Organico de Marcala SA.


Grind Size: Medium

Coffee: 30g

Water: 500 ml

Water Temp: Boiling

Add Cardamom & Saffron as desired. 

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